Brand & Brewer’s story

ABC. Abandoned Brewing Co. Story

It was a dream abandoned in a place joy forgot. 

Among the cobwebs and grime in an old factory in Epuni, Lower Hutt were the remnants of a brewery left for dead. A hapless experiment, an abandoned jumble of mismatched parts, the broken bones of a brewery lay forgotten. Brought back to life but this time done right. Abandoned Brewery, a true micro-brewery with a never-say-die attitude and a deep belief in the craft, an arsenal of ideas and calm amongst the chaos…this monster lives - Abandoned Brewery 2017.

Brewer’s Story

A young punk with a really great attitude to life, super keen to grow knowledge, people, and relationships. As a student, she fell into brewing with Garage Project around the corner from her Wellington flat. Starting out as a punter and becoming a brewer and Certified Cicerone.  In some ways, her journey in beer has brought her full circle back to her university studies and she loves exploring the connection between beer and our development as a species. Almost every facet of human culture has developed some kind of grain-based alcohol — and there’s the argument for whether beer or bread started human domesticated grains